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Water and Wastewater Treatment

In the Department of Water and Wastewater Treatment we develop applied solutions for wastewater treatment by means of processes analysis, testing procedures and material flow analysis. We look back on a longstanding experience working on projects for industrial partners, environmental institutions and authorities.

Areas of Application

  • Development of processes for wastewater treatment (from conception to completion, from laboratory to facility)
  • Monitoring and optimizing of facilities and process cycles
  • Absorption processes for removal of hazardous substances from wastewater 
  • Flocculation of heavy metals, organic substances and particles from wastewater 
  • Monitoring of wastewater quality (laboratory and on-site)
  • Wastewater odor analysis and prevention

Our Offer

Are you planning to develop a new water treatment facility or maintain and optimize existing sites and processes? Are you considering outsourcing R&D activities? Would you like to benefit not only from the know-how of the HSR University of Applied Sciences but also from the financial support of state driven sponsorship - such as the Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI)?

Feel free to get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you!